Born (and residing) in Seattle, Wa. Tim Durkan is known around Seattle for his efforts within the homeless community and as a world class photographer. His love of people and pride in his hometown are reflected in his photos and volunteer efforts. His catch phrase ‘capturing the pretty and the gritty’ was coined after he recently began juxtaposing his more iconic landscapes with that of the homelessness and addiction crises on the streets of Seattle.

Though his passion clearly lies featuring the beauty of his hometown as well as the street life here in Seattle, Tim’s scope of work also includes personal portraiture, commercial assignments, environmental landscape and live performances. He is pursued for his professionalism, enthusiasm and unique eye towards capturing the artistic features of any scene. His photos have been viewed millions of times and featured on NBC’s Meet the Press, ABC World News Tonight, CNN and USA Today (print and Social media) as well as his favorite local media outlets.

His photography travels have taken him to places both far and near - from nightly walkabouts in the streets of his own neighborhood to the remote corners of Glacier National Park in search of the elusive Grizzly bear. His favorite travels, though, took him all the way to India where he fell in love with the people, food and culture there. He plans to revisit the country in 2016/2017 to highlight environmental, culture and women’s rights issues. 

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